Clarinet Lessons, Violin Lessons and Saxophone Lessons

Eyal’s teaching methods are targeted to obtain the best tone and technique and a very accurate sense of rhythm. He strives to reach a high level of “musicianship”, encouraging students to become as strong as they can be. Dr. Bor also motivates his students to audition as much as they can and to challenge their peers for seating in All-State and other local and national competitions. Eyal also assists the students in entering competitions most suited to their abilities.

Dr. Bor teaches high school students from many Maryland counties including Howard County, Carroll County, Montgomery County, Baltimore County and Baltimore City and Anne Arundel County. He conducts master classes and workshops as well as performing for students in the Public/Private schools.

Dr. Bor teaches early evening until 10 pm every night and on weekends.

Clarinet, Violin and Saxophone

Dr. Bor teaches Clarinet, Violin and Saxophone in both Baltimore City AND Howard County Maryland. His Howard County studio is at 9123 Route 108, Columbia, Maryland 21045. Students from the entire Columbia, Clarksville and Ellicott City areas can easily access the studio. Convenient evening and weekend hours are available.

Students in Howard County have been enjoying taking lessons from Dr. Bor for years. Register for a Free Introductory Clarinet or Saxophone Lesson now online using the form below or by calling 410-802-4616.

Request a Free Introductory Lesson

We offer a complimentary introductory 30-minute lesson, which allows you and your child to evaluate whether you enjoy the style of Dr. Bor’s teaching. You may request a free Saxophone or Clarinet lesson. Please call 410-802-4616 or complete the form to the right and Dr. Bor will be in touch to schedule your Free Introductory Lesson.