• Rebecca

    Thank you so much for all your help over the last few years; first with clarinet and now with the saxophone. I’ve truly enjoyed working with you, and feel as though I’ve improved so much since you first became my teacher. Without your help I doubt I ever would’ve made top band as a freshman, or gotten to finals at All-State. So thank you, for all your hard work, great teaching, and always being optimistic about my playing. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! – Rebecca Nason
  • Yu Hyeon

    Thank you very much for allowing me to borrow your Mark VI alto saxophone. The tone sounds so wonderful, and the sound comes out so smoothly. Thanks to your Mark VI, I was able to play with confidence. I am very blessed to have met you. Without your lessons, I would not be the kind of player I am today, and I would not be hard-working and determined to succeed as a musician. Once again, thank you so much! Have a wonderful break, and please enjoy the mocha and green tea roll cakes. 🙂  – Yu Hyeon Chung  
  • Krystal

    Good afternoon Dr. Bor, Thank you for your coaching. Krystal got accepted into BSYO Concert Orchestra. Wish you a safe trip.
  • Alexis L.

    This seems like decades ago – actually it has been only 16 years – but I am glad to have found your trace again, through a picture of Burleigh Manor student Ian Jung who is/was one of your students and has gone through the middle school where I work. You may remember Alexis Lanz first as a middle school kid, then a freshman at Oakland Mills. He stopped taking lessons with you when he got the NSO Young Fellow scholarship and started taking lesson with Edward Cabarga from the NSO. Years have passed since. Alexis went to NEC in Boston, where he did his Bachelor and Masters, and is still living in Boston. He is first clarinet at the Boston Ballet and supplies this 50% position with gigs here and there. I want to thank you for encouraging him to believe in himself when he was a middle school kids. You are the person who pushed him to enter competitions and who made him aware of his gift. The gift is one thing, the hard work makes the difference. When he was learning with you, he was playing music. Since then, his practice sessions are very, very tedious … but his mom feels very good when his clarinet resonates in the whole concert hall! – Anne-Marie Lanz
  • Krystal

    With only one month of practice and preparation, I have seen very significant growth and improvement on Krystal’s playing. We both want to thank you for your coaching and encouragement. Without a positive teacher who like you, Krystal never can be leveraged to higher levels in all aspects. At the end of the competition, Krystal felt very rewarding just by participating as she has gained and learned way more than what she could imagine. The most important is she still enjoys learning and playing Clarinet, and even more.
  • Hamin

    Hello-Dr. Bor, Hamin got 1st chair for GT band . Thank you for your teaching and support.:) – Younsun
  • Michael

    Michael is first chair for his grade now, I really appreciate your wonderful teaching! Can’t believe this. You are the best teacher ever!!! – Ni, Mother of a fifth grader
  • Naomi

    Hi Eyal, We just found out that Naomi got into the Music for All Honor Band of America for 2017.  Thanks again for all your support – she couldn’t have done it without you. – Nancy
  • Susan Su

    Hi Dr. Bor, Krystal made it into Howard County middle school GT band.  Thank you for your hard work! . -Susan Su
  • Shenghui S

    Hi Dr. Bor, Good news! Krystal is placed as the first chair clarinet player in the 7th grade school band in Dunloggin Middle School. -Shenghui S.