Why the Clarinet?

With the clarinet you can play many styles of music including Classical, Jazz, Band and ethnic music (like Klezmer which is eastern European music). It has a diverse sound with a very rich range and tone. Clarinet can even imitate human voices as well as animal sounds.

Do you need to be a minimum age to start Clarinet or Saxophone lessons?

Provided that a child has strong lungs and his/her fingers are able to cover the keys and the tone holes, he or she can start the Clarinet and Saxophone in 4th grade.

What do I need for my lessons?

You need a Clarinet and music as well as a music note book with the lines so I can write a few exercises for you as you make progress. After we have met I can advise you what is best for you to purchase.

Should I own or rent an instrument?

I would suggest that you rent an instrument for the first two months. Then you should either purchase one or continue to rent until you are ready to commit to serious study. I would definitely not “rent to own” any instrument.

What types of music should I learn to play?

You should learn to play music that will enable you to become a lead player in your band. First I recommend that the music that you are playing in your school band or orchestra should take priority. Together we will discuss your goals for each year, as well as plan competitions such as Solo and Ensemble, Gifted and Talented and State bands.

How often should I take a lesson?

I recommend starting with a 30 minute lesson. Once you make progress I recommend that you increase to a 45 minute lesson.

How do I know my child is ready to learn to play an instrument?

Many children will ask to learn to play an instrument. Other children will need to try a variety of activities before deciding what they enjoy. Once your child begins lessons, you will hear the difference in the tone quality and within two weeks you will hear improvement in a darker, smoother and clearer sound.  As the skills develop, the songs that your child plays will be more challenging. He/she
will be able to play different rhythms; faster runs of high and low notes and his/her level of confidence will increase weekly. The bottom line is if your child loves it he/she will practice and enjoy being part of a group of students who play in a school band, attends competitions and concerts and benefit from all that these entail. I find that students who play an instrument possess strong discipline and good working habits; they excel fast in science, math and language subjects and are very social.